1-on-1 Personal Training


Our 1 on 1 personal training system is geared toward achieving results. No gimmicks, just hard work and proper nutrition.  Your training protocol will be individualized to you. With your health and wellness in mind, you will be taught proper exercise techniques and will be educated on how our exercise principles and your prescribed exercise program will help you toward your goals.

What are you looking to achieve? Birmingham Ultimate Fitness has an array of specialities.

  • Weight Loss
  • Pre/post Rehab or correctional exercise
  • building or toning muscle
  • female specific training
  • senior specific training
  • sport specific training
  • police or military prep

1:1 Training Packages also Include:

  • Nutritional Analysis and guidance
  • Complimentary 3D biometric scans *

*The 3D body composition scan is optional. Although it is recommended. Seeing and feeling yourself improve not only in the mirror but also on paper can be an additional motivation and advantageous to your continued success. It can also provide your trainer valuable input on how you are progressing with your training regiment and nutrition plan.


Partner Sessions at Birmingham Ultimate Fitness

Training with a partner can be a fun and more affordable way for both to reach their weight loss and fitness goals. having a friend or loved one by your side can be a powerful and positive reinforcement towards both goals.

What you can expect when you start your Partner Program:

Upon entering the program it is recommended each person complete at least two individual sessions. This will allow your trainer to compile the necessary data and develop a routine for each person

After this you will then be scheduled together. Your training session will be an intense one hour in length.

Each of you will be taught proper exercise techniques, and will be educated on how our exercise principles and your prescribed exercise regiment will help you toward your individual goals because it is likely you will have different goals.

Each will receive a body compositions and Nutritional counseling. Your personal trainer will be sure both of you are on track and provided all the motivation and material knowledge needed to succeed.