Birmingham Ultimate Fitness Supports its current Military and Public Servants and ALL Veterans 25% OFF!!

BPDNeed to prepare for or enhance your PFT (Physical Fitness Test). Birmingham Ultimate Fitness has proven routines to help you do just this. Come in and see us and let’s get to work.We have proven routines to help:

  • Police Department
  • Fire Department
  • Military (USMC, Navy, Air Force, Army)

usmc-wallpaper-7-300x188Many have dreams of serving their city, state or country. The problem is that some don’t take the physical assessments seriously. Birmingham Ultimate fitness is here to make sure you are not part of that sad few.

Did you Know:

  • 15% of new applicants flunk the physical fitness test
  • In some states over 70% of recruits are overweight

Pass the first time or be sure to pass the next time!

*Birmingham Ultimate Fitness will honor all those who serve. 25% OFF!!


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