Why did we found Birmingham Ultimate Fitness?

We want to introduce Birmingham MI with one of the fastest growing styles of training in the U.S. High Intensity Training (H.I.T). Quickly being recognized as one of the safest most efficient ways to lose weight and increase muscularity.

Dustin Wenzel founded H.I.T. Ultimate Fitness, now Birmingham Ultimate Fitness, in 2014.

He set out to introduce this scientifically proven training style to anyone struggling to achieve the results they want.


What makes us different?

We believe in a proper progression philosophy: “Crawl before you can walk before you can run”. That said, it’s a fun, results based culture here at Birmingham Ultimate Fitness.


Many gyms can provide fun attractive looking routines but many can leave you with undesired aches and pains. Do to the nature of our methodology, you will leave each workout feeling great and know you’re doing what it takes for you to reach your goal.


We Value All Our Customers

High intensity training is a style that can be tailored to men, women and seniors.

The experienced trainers on staff allow for each individual to receive the personalized one-on-one attention  and individualized routines that you will come to expect from Birmingham Ultimate Fitness.

We offer individual, partner and boot camps to accommodate what ever your needs may be.


Why we do it

As personal trainers we take great pride in guiding and motivating people to a fitness level that can change their lives.

Not to mention, we enjoy what we do immensely!



Birmingham Ultimate Fitness