What is H.I.T.? 

H.I.T. stands for “High Intensity Training.” Don’t mistake H.I.T. with the older, ballistic-style of weight training. It is very much the opposite!

High Intensity Training is defined by the amount of work you do, not the type of work you perform.


What are the Advantages of the H.I.T. Method?

  • H.I.T. is a very slow, deliberate style of weight lifting.
  • You can more easily attain perfect form and proper ranges of motion.
  • H.I.T. is supported by sound science.
  • You significantly reduce your risk of injury.
  • You can achieve significant results much faster than traditional training methods.
  • Investing in a workout regime of only two days per week, you can often see a profound difference.


Why Does High Intensity Training Work?

High Intensity Training can offer you a whole new look on life. You can now look how you want, and spend less time working on it. The infrequency of your training results in less wear and tear on your body and allows for you to be able to use your body for far more enjoyable activities.


How Does High Intensity Training Work?

Are you going to the gym everyday or almost everyday? Birmingham Ultimate Fitness says that style of training is no longer necessary. We will teach you how to train your body more efficiently requiring much less of your time to see results.

The High Intensity Training method at Birmingham Ultimate Fitness helps you lose weight by:

  • Increase lactic acid accumulation resulting in a spike of growth hormone. (GH is proven to spike metabolism as well as the ability to build muscle).
  • Using a combination of moderate weight and slow deliberate repetitions followed by short rest periods, the amount of calories burned increases exponentially in a short amount of time.
  • Finally, the post-exercise oxygen consumption or E.P.O.C is greater with strenuous interval or weight training opposed to that of steady-state exercises (Elliptical, treadmill, Assault Bike). This leading to a much greater calorie burn in the recovery period.