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Dustin Wenzel


“Accountability and motivation should be the job description of every personal trainer. At Birmingham Ultimate Fitness you can expect exemplary service.”

  • Education: B.S. Exercise Physiology, N.A.S.M
  • Specialties: H.I.T., H.I.I.T., Weight Loss, Corrective Exercise, 50+, Nutritional Counseling

Like most, Dustin did not start out as a personal trainer right away. His health and fitness resume actually began when he became a manager at GNC and later transferring to The Vitamin Shoppe. It was his first in depth look into the health and fitness culture.

In a short period of time he knew he wanted to branch out past just nutrition. With his personal training resume beginning with the well known Pete Hudson and Pete’s Body Shop. He established himself as a tough no non-sense personal trainer. The experience has proven to be an invaluable addition to his personal training resume. Now as the Owner of Birmingham Ultimate Fitness Dustin has designed a training method that will help his clients achieve the goals they never thought they would reach.

Wanting to become a personal trainer stemmed from his own desire and struggles to earn and maintain a fit looking physique. It was after injuries sustained in 2010 that he discovered and adopted the High Intensity Training Method. It has proven to be a significant contribution to his personal physical progress and has launched him into a successful career as a H.I.T. trainer.

His Goal

To introduce the H.I.T. method to Birmingham MI, and the surrounding area.  Not only will he be your trainer, he will be your teacher, your best friend and occasionally, your worst enemy. He is a trainer that demands accountability and expects effort. You can expect that once you start working with him, you’re not only working to achieve your goals, your setting out to change your entire lifestyle.

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Amy Garbacz

Certified Personal Trainer


  • Education: Chemistry, Secondary Education and ISSA.
  • Specialization: H.I.T., H.I.I.T., Women Specific Training, Couples Therapy Training, Youth fitness

Sports health and fitness been apart of Amy’s life since she was born. Her mother claims she skipped crawling and pulled herself up one day and ran. She soon ran herself into a full athletic scholarship at University of Detroit Mercy. This is where she learned many of the training methods she uses today.

With over 20 years of being a Division One athlete, teacher and coach, she has taken this experience and knowledge into the gym; establishing herself as a well rounded and versatile trainer.

Her Goal

To keep workouts fresh and challenging. FROM new stretching techniques, a unique style of functional training which includes: supersets, circuits, density intermixed with traditional resistance exercise; all while keep with the H.I.T. Philosophy.

  • Fitness Background: Full Track Scholarship to University of Detroit Mercy’
  • Former Head Coach, Notre Dame Marist Academy
  • Former Assistant Track Coach, Silverado High School
  • All Around Athlete, Track, Basketball, Volleyball and Cross Country
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Ericka Mojica

Certified Personal Trainer

“Health and fitness should be about learning and growing to be the best version of yourself.”

Education: ISSA – CPT

Specialization: H.I.T., H.I.I.T., TRX, Weight Loss, Women Specific Training, Sports Specific Training, Cardio Boxing/Kickboxing

From a very young age, Ericka showed interest in participating in sports. Swimming, golf, track & field, soccer and basketball were always on her schedule. Unfortunately, with all these activities, Ericka struggled with her health and weight. From her adolescence to young adulthood, Ericka struggled with obesity and a myriad of health issues. By the age of 17, she weighed in at 300 pounds and struggled to continue her activities in varsity sports. It took a brutally honest conversation with one of her physicians to realize that if she continued to make the same choices, her quality of life was going to continue to suffer. Changing her relationship with food was the first thing she decided needed to change, and has been her focus for almost 15 years now.

Understanding how fitness and nutrition go hand in hand, as well as finding a passion in Jui Jitsu, weight lifting and enjoying fitness challenges, has helped her to lose over 100 pounds. Now that she is a mother of two, she is even more determined to continue to grow and learn to be the best version of herself, so that her children do not struggle with the same issues she has. Ericka knows that she can relate with many people that feel stuck, confused and frustrated with their own health issues. She believes that she can help people understand that it takes a mental shift to focus on yourself, your needs and what steps need to be taken to help you work towards and become the best version of yourself.

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Anthony Messina

Certified Personal Trainer

  • Education: B.S. Exercise Science , N.A.S.M, N.P.T.I.
  • Specialties: H.I.T , H.I.I.T , Weight Loss , Corrective Exercise , Sports Specific , Geriatrics

From a young age, Anthony Messina always had a heavy interest in sports and wellness. Through his involvement in sports and fascination with human movement, Anthony’s interests lead to him to pursue a career in health and wellness. Knowing the difficulty and importance of maintaining a healthy balance of exercise and nutrition, he knew he wanted to change the lives of many people by educating them about wellness. After receiving certification in 2008, Anthony began training and coaching clients to a healthy standard of living. His outgoing personality and innovative exercises have made his client’s perception of diet and exercise positive and up lifting. Anthony’s experience at Lifetime Fitness and currently Birmingham Ultimate Fitness has allowed him to grow in his field as well as continue his education at Oakland University pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science.

His Goal

Anthony’s goal is to help motivate and inspire positivity surrounding the health and fitness community as well as encourage people to look at diet and exercise in a new and positive light.

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Brian McKay

Certified Personal Trainer

Brian McKay’s Fitness journey began during physical therapy for a shattered kneecap back in 2011. He then proceeded to injure is shoulder doing one of the at home DVD workout programs while in physical therapy. He came across Paul Chek’s work on the Internet and fell in love with Paul’s deep understandings of not only the musculoskeletal body, but human beings themselves. He studied under the highest level CHEK practitioner in the state of Michigan for three years learning everything he could do you help with his own pain. After taking courses from the CHEK Institute and the Postural Restoration Institute and diving down anatomical and physiological rabbit holes on his own, he began to have a depth of understanding of human beings, being An interconnected system of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual systems. 

Brian’s specialties lie in back, neck, knee, and shoulder pain. He has also helped clients work through chronic health conditions such as diabetic neuropathy, thyroid dysfunction, depression, insomnia and sleep issues, anxiety, scoliosis, fatigue, and many others; All through exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

Brian also specializes in working with  those who don’t enjoy exercise, teaching those individuals how to do it correctly so that it feels good and is enjoyable. Some of his clients are now “addicted” to exercise and miss their workouts when “life” gets in the way.